4DFX Cinema Premier Opening Titles

Soaring Over Hawaii

Soaring Over Hawaii 4DFX was filmed on location throughout the Hawaiian Islands exclusively for Hawaii Cinemattractions! An extraordinary flying adventure with full motion and sensory effects of 4DFX, the film experience features aerial views of specially selected iconic Hawaiian Islands locations. A fully immersive, cinematic thrill ride!

Film Length: 14:00 minutes
Soaring Over Hawaii – 4DFX
Showtimes: 2:20pm / 2:40pm / 3:20pm / 4:20pm / 4:40pm / 5:20pm / 6:20pm / 6:40pm / 7:20pm / 8:20pm / 8:40pm

Adventure Quest Hawaii

Adventure Quest Hawaii is a thrill ride and cinematic, extreme outdoor sports adventure featuring a host of legends and champions as they bring you into their world, all around the extreme adventure sites of Oahu. In Triple Screen 4DFX bringing the side walls into the show for an additional peripheral visual element.

Film Length: 12:00 minutes
Adventure Quest Hawaii – 4DFX with Triple Screen
Showtimes: 2:00pm / 3:00pm / 3:40pm / 4:00pm / 5:00pm / 5:40pm / 6:00pm / 7:00pm / 7:40pm / 8:00pm

One Planet One People

One Planet One People is a cinematic journey around the World! Sit back, hold on and immerse yourself as Devin Supertramp Graham takes you up close and personal through iconic and distant places, people, and cultures, in big screen 4DFX with motion and sensory effects enhancements.

Film Length: 13:00 minutes
One Planet One People – 4DFX with Triple Screen
Showtime: COMING SOON!

Roller Coasters

A wild, thrill ride film that offers guests a virtual roller coaster experience, starting with an underwater exploration and traveling up and over a large mountain, followed by a trip through a futuristic fantasy world. Feel the mist and wind in your face and the rumbling rails as you make your way through this exciting and fun 4DFX ride for all ages.

Film Length: 11:00 minutes
Roller Coaster Thrill Ride – 4DFX with Triple Screen
Showtimes: COMING SOON!

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